Unlock Open LLMs
with User Feedback

Privately tune and deploy open models using reinforcement learning to achieve frontier performance.
Accelerate your GenAI adoption
with Adaptive Engine.

Model adaptation with RLHF & RLAIF, fast inference, feedback collection, safety guardrails, automated A/B testing, and more—all in the privacy of your cloud.

Continuously monitor and improve.

Guarantee and improve the quality of model outputs with automated A/B testing and reinforcement learning from user feedback.

Track performance on your use case.

Capture business KPIs, user metrics, and usage statistics all in one place. Optimize models to directly drive the outcomes that matter to your business.

Achieve frontier performance, locally.

Supercharge your LLMs with reinforcement learning and fast inference to go beyond frontier models—in your cloud.

Keep your data in the privacy of your cloud.

Deploy frontier-level LLMs, without sending your data to third parties. Take back control over model updates, uptime, and latency.

Deploy and tune models quickly and easily.

Implement Adaptive Engine as a simple drop-in for your existing LLM API. No RL knowledge required.

Power your GenAI application with Adaptive Engine.
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Adaptive Harmony

Harmony is our in-house preference tuning stack: inference, training, and RL all under a unified Rust+Python codebase.

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