Accelerate your GenAI journey with Adaptive Engine.

Model adaptation with RLHF & RLAIF, blazing fast inference, feedbacks collection, metrics monitoring, safety guardrails, automated A/B testing, and more—in the privacy of your cloud.

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A holistic experience. In your cloud.

Test, serve, monitor, and iterate on your large language models.
In your cloud, with enterprise-ready features.

Generative AI. Batteries included.

Deploy enterprise-ready generative AI models in your infrastructure with Adaptive Engine. Blazing fast inference, extensive monitoring, and state-of-the-art model tuning all under one roof. Adapt models to your unique use cases, optimizing for your target business outcomes.

In the safety and comfort of your cloud.

Securely leverage all features of Adaptive Engine from your private network. Your data never has to leave your premises. Easily deploy on AWS, Azure, GCP, or on your own infrastructure with our Docker images.

Infinite use cases.

Adaptive Engine can be leveraged across many use cases: from customer engagement, to custom copilots, or even productivity assistants. If you are leveraging a large language model, Adaptive can help.

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Why choose Adaptive Engine?
Build singular experiences.
Power your GenAI application with unique models, optimized for your use cases and tuned to your users. Embed your values and goals in your models, and enable them to understand your users' culture, intents, and desires.
Interactions Store
Directly drive your unique business outcomes.
Optimize models to drive the metrics you care about: lower escalation rate, higher acceptance rate, improved deal closing rate, and more. Build intuitive, sticker applications your users will love coming back to.
Outcome-based RL
Metrics pipelines
Rightsize your GenAI deployment.
Mixtral-8x7B or Qwen-1.5-72B? Automatically A/B test models, and identify whether scaling-up in size is worth it for your use case. Specialize smaller models to get more out of them, driving down your costs.
A/B testing
Support open models
In your cloud
Deploy, connect, start iterating. That's it.
Adaptive Engine comes with everything you need to deploy enterprise-ready generative AI: inference, monitoring, and model adaptation. State-of-the-art methods are exposed with simple abstractions, empowering your data science team to do more.
Function calling
Guided generation
Simple APIs
Get started with Adaptive Engine.

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